The Pleasure Principle

1st June 2012 - 12th July 2012

Great Leap Forward, 2012
Ribbon Man, 2011
Les Filles de la Ferme, 2010
PULSE, 2012

Artists: , Rebecca Griffiths, , Tom Gallant

Hoxton Art Gallery are pleased to announce The Pleasure Principle, an exhibition curated by the Director Matthew Nickerson celebrating the gallery’s first anniversary.

The Pleasure Principle investigates the mode of 21st century living and contemporary consumerist culture through the work of four talented contemporaries: Steven Dickie, Rebecca Griffiths, Tom Gallant and HaYoung Kim. Each artist questions our dependence on modern technologies or the perverse and often self-destructive culture of consuming. Art works on display will include sculptural works by Rebecca Griffiths and Steven Dickie, ink wash paintings by Tom Gallant and acrylic paintings on drafting film by Ha Young Kim. Referencing a religion of shiny products, quick hits and internet zones the artists question the relationship between freedom and necessity in our modern existence.

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